I am a babywearing, crunchy momma from South Florida. My little family consists of 5 individuals: Myself, my husband Josh, our son Elliott (2), and our cat/dog duo Guy and Pop. I love the water, cooking, eating, reading, and writing. I am a vegan who dabbles with non-vegan items occasionally, though my recipes are vegan or whenever possible, raw. I became a vegan after trying to find the diet that best suited my tastes– I just don’t like meat. My husband and son eat whatever I serve, but they don’t restrict their diets much.

I am a huge advocate of babywearing; I have a killer Honu wrap conversion carrier made custom by Anaira Creations which is my go-to anytime I wear my son.

I have dreads but I am not rasta. I love creating dreads, I have extensive knowledge about the dreading process and I love helping anyone who has issues and could use my expertise. My husband and I have 15 years of dreadlock experience; I will be tapping into our collective knowledge and posting blogs in the future.

My 2-year-old son Elliott is a blonde headed, blue eyed mega babe. He dominates my life and I am sure he will eventually show up here from time to time.